Custom Solutions

Exocortex Technologies are experts in the fields of 3D graphics, visualization and simulation using C#, C++, including 32 and 64 bit for Windows and Linux.  Exocortex Technologies has developed an extensive suite of complex mathematical, simulation, visualization and rendering libraries for that are used extensively in all our software applications and in most cases our software development for clients. This allows us to dramatically reduce the time to develop, test and support new applications for clients. With an experience team of developers we are very confident in our ability to deliver solutions in our areas of expertise that work on time and on budget.

Exocortex engages with government and private sector clients in several ways with several business models.

  • Standard software licensing of packaged software applications
  • Custom development that may include:
    • License fee for Exocortex software libraries
    • Non Recurring Engineering fee
    • On-going support
  • OEM/ private labelling
  • Packaged software applications
  • Custom applications
  • Consulting development contracts
  • Joint venture
  • Equity and profit sharing
  • We look forward to discussing your business requirements to determine whether or not we can help you with your project.

Differentiating Capabilities

  • Subject matter experts in 3D graphics, visualization and simulation
  • Advance software applications with patents on new processes
  • Extensive software libraries for re-use and licensing on new projects
  • Business relationships with key drivers of technologies in their respective markets
  • Excellent grasp of different ways to solve very complex problems
  • Track record of completing projects on time on budget that meet expectations

Benefits to Clients

  • Better quality applications developed quicker
  • Less business risk
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership


Please contact Exocortex for more information